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What’s new in the business world. and what’s making the local headlines right now? We’ve got Knowledge for you here on a wide range of topics here, from pensions and payment systems to equality, inclusion, social media, supply chains, the quest for Net Zero . . . and much, much more.

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John Williams

John Williams – Institute of Leadership CEO

Carl Jones chats to the Shropshire-educated keynote speaker ahead of his session at the Shropshire Leadership Conference

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Pete ‘The Speaker’ Hill: How to pitch your big idea

The Shropshire-born entrepreneur who conquered TV's Dragons' Den talks about mastering the art of pitching and networking
andrew p

Imposter Syndrome: It’s not as rare as you might think

More than 70% of us have experienced this - but TEDx speaker Andrew Pain told a Shropshire audience how to tackle it

High Street Heritage Action Zone: How it works

Talking with Shropshire Council about the project - and chatting with an Oswestry trader who has benefited from the investment
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Recruitment: The challenges of attracting the right skills

How work-ready are the younger generation? That was the question posed in this SBLTV debate, at Aico in Oswestry

The Friday Hub: What’s it all about?

Every Friday, businesses come together for a morning on networking, contact-building and sharing of tips and expertise. Find out more...

Why Shropshire? Economic strengths of our county

Mark Barrow, executive director for place at Shropshire Council, explores some of the many reasons to set up in business here

How to write a great grant application

Want to maximise your chances of success? Top 10 tips are offered here by the team from the Marches Growth Hub

Electrification and Sustainability

Telford College is hosting a major regional conference on June 22 - CEO Graham Guest explains what it's all about
LSIP help us

Have your say on skills and training requirements

Richard Sheehan of Shropshire Chamber explains why firms need to engage with Local Skills Improvement Plan research

Time for businesses to cash in on apprenticeship levy?

Kate MacDonald of Shropshire Council explains how businesses can benefit from tapping into apprenticeship levy funding

Why apprenticeships? To shape your own talent

Employment law and HR expert Alasdair Hobbs talks about the benefit of employing apprentices - and introduces one success story

Glynn Jones – View from the Bank of England

Glynn Jones is part of the agency team from the Bank with responsibility for keeping abreast of business views in the Shropshire area
Laura Butler

Healthy lifestyle = happy and productive business

Lifestyle coach Laura Butler explains why it's more important than ever for employers to prioritise staff welfare and wellbeing
MAIN PIC The former Stadco site is now almost completely let

‘Interesting times’ for the commercial property sector

James Evans, head of Halls Commercial, says a changing market creates opportunities for the landlord, tenant, and property investor
Jack Peglar Headshot 02

Market reflection, and outlook for trading in 2023

Jack Peglar, Senior Research Analyst at EFG Harris Allday, looks ahead at what's in store over the coming months for local businesses
The SBLTV skills debate with Graham Guest Hollie Whittles and Richard Sheehan

Has our relationship with work changed forever?

A panel of local experts discuss why businesses are finding it so hard to recruit new staff at the moment - and what can be done to solve it
helen culshaw

Google Analytics – it’s all changing

Everything you thought you knew is about to be rewritten this summer - and a Shropshire expert explains what it means
Handelsbanken Cameron Willard and Daniel Mahoney

Economic outlook: What’s in store for the county?

What's in store for the Shropshire economy over the coming months? We spoke to Handelsbanken duo Daniel Mahoney and Cameron Willard

Why business protection gives you peace of mind

Dan Leech from Technical Design Services Group talks through some of the issues with Dave Edwards of Q Financial
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Risk and resilience: Angela Beechey & Jane Cooper

In the current economic climate, it's more important than ever to prepare for the unexpected - juust like this Shropshire Council duo

Adjusting to ‘new’ business life after the pandemic

Brian Evans, managing partner of law firm Lanyon Bowdler, reflects on what 2022 has had in store for his business, and the sector
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Seasonal stresses: How technology can help SMEs

A growing number of small firms are using business VoIP to boost customer communication, sales, and improve customer satisfaction
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How hyper-localisation can help the engineering sector

Mal Evans, co-founder of Ollerton-based fabrication company Ferro, discusses challenges facing the UK steel industry and its supply chains
Richard Sheehan 2

Keeping the ‘Shropshire Pound’ in the county

Could you be doing business with a neighbour? Richard Sheehan of Shropshire Chamber discusses the benefits it could bring
Shropshire Business editor Carl Jones interviewed Martin for SBLTV

FSB boss on fact-finding visit to the county

Martin McTague, chair of the Federation of Small Businesses, talks about challenges and opportunities during a visit to Telford
The Great Expectations crew packed a huge amount into their time in Shrewsbury shooting well into the night

Why movie makers could be bringing us a big boost

Carl Jones talks to Mark Hooper from Film Shropshire, a new bureau promoting the county to film and TV production companies

Is your company’s website fit for purpose?

Shaun Carvill, from Clickingmad in Bridgnorth, offers up some top tips for making sure your website is efficient and user-friendly
mike petrucci c9FQyqIECds unsplash

Will SMEs ever fully recover from Covid crisis?

Covid infections are on the rise again in Shropshire - do businesses need to resign themselves to the fact it's not going away?

Shevaun Haviland – director general of the BCC

Shevaun spoke to us during her visit to a conference in Telford, sharing her thoughts on what the future holds for the economy
james stansfiueld

Manufacturing: Exporting in a post-Brexit world

James Stansfield, the chief executive of Filtermist in Telford, gives an insight into running a fast-growing manufacturing operation
Glynn Jones Bank of England

Why is inflation so high, and how can we get it down?

Shropshire-raised Glynn Jones, deputy agent for the Bank of England in our region, sets out some of the current challenges
Praveen Chaudhari, Lanyon Bowdler

The changing face of the high street

Praveen Chaudhari of Lanyon Bowdler talks about some of the latest developments in the commercial property sector
james sproule

Inflation, interest rates . . and other economic forecasts

We caught up with Handelsbanken chief economist James Sproule during a visit to the county to discover his thoughts
Richard Sheehan 3

How to make networking work for you

Networking really does work - Shropshire Chamber of Commerce CEO Richard Sheehan explains why it's a tried and tested formula
Walter Gleeson is now a shareholder and director of AFC Telford United1

Walter Gleeson: co-founder of musicMagpie

The co-founder of musicMagpie, Walter Gleeson, talks about his quest to help support a new generation of entrepreneurs
electric car 6641133 1920

Is it time to go electric?

Hayley J, Local Business Specialist at Furrows, explains how purchasing an electric car for your business is a worthwhile investment.
Richard Sheehan

Challenges for the local economy

Richard Sheehan, chief executive of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, talks about the challenges local businesses are facing.
richard hughes

The changing face of the office

Richard Hughes of office supplies company Chrisbeon looks at the equipment you need for a home office in a post-pandemic world
caan 1

Are universities failing graduates, and the economy?

Former Dragon's Den investor James Caan considers whether higher education is providing us with a reliable workforce
Gareth Jones

Embracing apprenticeships

Gareth Jones, managing director of In-Comm Training, says you can be anything you want to be, through the apprenticeship route
Christopher Greenough

Skills challenges in manufacturing

Christopher Greenough of SDE Technology in Shrewsbury discusses some of the most pressing skills challenges in engineering
mark bebb

Benefits of giving back

The managing director of Salop Leisure, Mark Bebb, discusses the importance of putting something back into the local community
car 3322152 960 720

Electric vehicles

Parveen Begum, chief executive of Solisco, explains how embracing electricity can accelerate a company's journey towards Net Zero
The Quest for Net Zero

The Quest for Net Zero

Mike Barry, University of Cambridge, talks Net Zero and the need for Shropshire businesses to become advocates for change
Rachel Laver

Anxiety around supply chains

Rachel Laver, chief executive of the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership, discusses one of the biggest modern-day challenges for businesses
Dave Courteen

Staff Challenges following Covid

Dave Courteen from The Shrewsbury Club talks about some of the challenges of finding staff following the Covid pandemic
Hollie Whittles FSB West Midlands Chair

Why we’re the same – but different

Telford business owner and FSB regional chair Hollie Whittles looks at differences between Shropshire and other West Midlands economies
Steve Baxter Forbes Baxter Associates

If your company had £10,000 to spend…

How would you spend the money if someone presented you with a pot of marketing cash? Steve Baxter offers up some suggestions
steve owen

Skills shortages in construction

Steve Owen, managing director of Knockin-based PaveAways, discusses challenges recruiting into the construction industry
campaign creators yktK2qaiVHI unsplash

You’re never too good for coaching

No matter who you are, no matter how skilled you are, there’s always scope to get even better at what you do, says Steve Baxter.
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The power of visualisation

People struggle to imagine themselves decades into the future - but financial planning can make a big difference to quality of life

The hidden impact of the Covid pandemic

It’s OK to say you’re not OK – and in a typical workplace, that’s certainly not always felt like it’s the case. But things are changing
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Stock market outlook – caution is the key

Risks that have the potential to derail this recovery of the economy remain with some increasing in significance, says EFG Harris Allday
side panel

Should we worry about our credit score?

When it comes to finances, numbers are key, yet there’s one number you shouldn’t pay too much attention to – your credit score
mark thompson

Last chance saloon for the planet?

The clock is ticking, but solutions to some of the most pressing issues are close to hand, says Mark Thompson of AceOn Group in Telford
This is the perfect time to restructure with inclusive foundations it is claimed

Inclusion: Are we acting, or just saying the right things?

Award-winning businesswoman and author Teresa Boughey says this is the perfect time for action, rather than just the right words
Marco Forgione pic1

Export funding cash available

The Institute of Export & International Trade has made over £1 million of funding available to help companies boost overseas trade
General pic

Autonomous vehicles – the future is here

Experts from a Shropshire university have been playing a pivotal role in game-changing technology which will reshape the transport industry
Mark Barrow outlines some of the plans

What’s next for the Shropshire economy?

Businesses came together for a seminar at Shrewsbury Town FC to discuss the strategic plans for the county over the next few years
time out

Why we all need a tech time out

It's far too easy to spend every waking hour glued to technology - but taking a break can bring clarity of thought, and mood

Distribution of wealth – are we getting our fair share?

When it comes to financial health, it seems the Government’s much-vaunted ‘levelling up’ campaign still has a lot of work do to.
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A new type of pension pot

A new type of pension scheme promising reliable returns – and potentially boosting retirement incomes for workers – is on its way
The clear message from the website .uk

Is the four-day week really on its way?

Several big-name companies have already shifted to long weekends on the same pay, with many others consulting on similar changes
Chloe Pullen has doubled her salary since going freelance

Are we moving into the era of the freelancer?

There are pros and cons of working for yourself - but if you get it right, going freelance can significantly boost your earning potential, and lifesty...
social media

Is your social media policy up to date?

Like it or loathe it, social media can be an incredibly powerful communication tool, helping to collaborate, share ideas and solve problems
Ikram Malik

Staff shortages: Could the new immigration points system offer a solution?

When it comes to staff shortages, could the new immigration points system offer a solution for businesses struggling to recruit?
Sonia Roberts chief executive of Landau

What a Queen’s Award can do for your business

Shropshire has a proud record of success in the Queen's Awards - find out what the scheme can do to boost your business
the FSB survey

Late payments: The biggest cause of business failure?

All they want to do is get paid for the work that they’ve done, but that’s proving easier said than done right now for small businesses
This is the perfect time to restructure with inclusive foundations it is claimed

Equality and inclusion strategies

Now is a prime opportunity for organisations to restructure with inclusive foundations, rather than bolt-on policies, says Teresa Boughey