Things I’ve learned

There’s no substitute for first-hand experience, and that’s exactly what all of these business people share. From setting up a brand new business to diversifying, launching new products, beating the competition, or dealing with some of many the unexpected challenges that can be round the corner, they explain how they did it, and some of the milestone moments on their business journey. 

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Pete ‘The Speaker’ Hill: How to pitch your big idea

The Shropshire-born entrepreneur who conquered TV's Dragons' Den talks about mastering the art of pitching and networking

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Why apprenticeships? To shape your own talent

Employment law and HR expert Alasdair Hobbs talks about the benefit of employing apprentices - and introduces one success story
MAIN PIC The former Stadco site is now almost completely let

‘Interesting times’ for the commercial property sector

James Evans, head of Halls Commercial, says a changing market creates opportunities for the landlord, tenant, and property investor
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Market reflection, and outlook for trading in 2023

Jack Peglar, Senior Research Analyst at EFG Harris Allday, looks ahead at what's in store over the coming months for local businesses
The SBLTV skills debate with Graham Guest Hollie Whittles and Richard Sheehan

Has our relationship with work changed forever?

A panel of local experts discuss why businesses are finding it so hard to recruit new staff at the moment - and what can be done to solve it
PHOTO 2022 07 26 16 14 42

Risk and resilience: Angela Beechey & Jane Cooper

In the current economic climate, it's more important than ever to prepare for the unexpected - juust like this Shropshire Council duo

Adjusting to ‘new’ business life after the pandemic

Brian Evans, managing partner of law firm Lanyon Bowdler, reflects on what 2022 has had in store for his business, and the sector
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Marcus Bean, Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust

Acclaimed Shropshire chef Marcus Bean took time out to reflect on things he's learned as we emerged from the Covid crisis
Walter Gleeson is now a shareholder and director of AFC Telford United1

Walter Gleeson: co-founder of musicMagpie

The co-founder of musicMagpie, Walter Gleeson, talks about his quest to help support a new generation of entrepreneurs
Nick Jones

Nick Jones

Nick had a change of career from teaching to financial advising after attending an open day
Graham Corfield

Graham Corfield

The owner of Aviramp in Telford reveals how he had to put his family home on the line as he battled to break into the aviation sector
Jack Churchill

Jack Churchill

A founding director of Scanning Pens Limited explains how his award-winning company has made a real difference to many people's lives
Steve Baxter Forbes Baxter Associates

Steve Baxter

Steve, of Forbes Baxter Associates in Telford, gives his thoughts on some of the key challenges facing modern-day business owners
MAIN PIC Zoe and Melissa Evans at Rowton Vineyard

Zoe and Melissa Evans

The twin sisters who have created Rowton Vineyard talk about some of the challenges of working together on the venture
Culina now has a fleet of 1750 trucks and 3000 trailers

Thomas van Mourik

The boss of Culina Logistics explains how the company grew from small beginning in Prees to become a major player in transport
Will Morris GD 24

Will Stratton-Morris

"I firmly believe that leaders should spend time listening first, before doing,” says the Shropshire-based boss of Caffe Nero

Mat O’Crowley – Tanki

It wasn’t only Mat's experience that came in handy when launching his Atcham-based toilet paper business, but his contacts too.
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Roger Gabb: Western Wines

Western Wines founder Roger Gabb oversaw the firm from its inception to its sale in 2004 for £135 million
Rob Stone MAIN PIC

Rob Stone: Founder of Instaloft

From struggling to make ends meet Rob Stone is now in charge of a £14 million empire which employs nearly 150 people
Mo at M Club

Mo Chaudry: Fitness and leisure entrepreneur

By the age of 30, Mo Chaudry was a millionaire and has since expanded into the health and fitness, leisure and tourism sectors
maxine 2

Maxine Laceby: Absolute Collagen

Maxine was approaching the big Five-O. Her career had played second fiddle to bringing up her two daughters - but all of that was about to change
The Truly team 15 strong and counting...

Louise Gough and Niki Thompson

Grown from very humble beginnings Louise and Niki are modest about the high-profile popularity of Truly (UK) Limited
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Lindsay Bury

The founder of Apricot Computers has packed several careers into one: here he shares what he has learned along the way

Deborah Mitchell

The boss of a luxury beauty treatment and skincare company, best known for her trailblazing Bee Venom range, with a who's who of celebrity clients
Dame Stephanie Shirley

Dame Stephanie Shirley

The inspirational and incredible story of the IT pioneer who first arrived in Oswestry as a Kindertransport refugee during the Second World War
Adam learnt everything there is to know about pomegranates

Adam Pritchard

The founder of best-selling drinks brand PomeGreat talks about his rollercoaster business journey, and lessons learned along the way