Export funding cash available

The Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT) has made over £1 million of funding available to help British businesses to export.

The IOE&IT launched the International Trade Accelerator Voucher scheme, which can help large and small Shropshire companies to access their world class training, consultancy, and educational services. Each voucher issued is worth £1,100 and can be redeemed against the wide range of services that the IOE&IT offers.

Marco Forgione, director general of the IOE&IT hailed the new voucher scheme as a ‘landmark moment’ for firms who look to trade internationally.

The International Trade Accelerator Voucher scheme is available to all UK-based businesses regardless of their membership of the IOE&IT. The purpose of the initiative is to accelerate understanding, efficiency, and risk reduction in international trade.

Forgione said: “We have committed over £1 million to the International Trade Accelerator Voucher scheme to equip businesses with the expertise and skills they need to trade internationally.

“We believe in a vision of a global Britain that exports to the world and we back the Government’s ambitious plans to reach £1 trillion worth of exports by 2030. This incentive will help companies take advantage of all the trade deals the UK is negotiating around the world.

“However, we have seen a decline in the number of companies exporting in the past 12 months as highlighted by the latest edition of our UK Export Monitor, that’s why the launch of this scheme is so important right now.”

He continued: “The IOE&IT is a charitable organisation established over 85 years ago and our objective remains the same to this day, to support UK businesses in growing their trade in international markets.

“We believe the International Trade Accelerator Voucher scheme will be the catalyst to kickstart this growth. The IOE&IT has the knowledge and expertise to ensure Shropshire firms are equipped with the skills to trade confidently and compliantly with the rest of the world.”

Applications for a voucher can be completed online at the IOE&IT website here. Upon acceptance, applicants will have their voucher details emailed to them within 24 hours. The voucher can be used immediately and will be valid for 365 days to be used against any of the world class training, consultancy or education services that the IOE&IT offer.

The Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT) exists to empower organisations and equip individuals with the expertise to trade effectively, sustainably and competitively.

It is the leading membership body for professionals and organisations involved in international trade with over nearly 7000 individual and company members.

The Institute provides education and training to the UK’s international traders, with over 11,000 courses delivered in 2021. By training, educating and supporting people in respect of trade and customs, it aims to make trading internationally first nature to UK firms.

The Institute has long used its expertise to offer consultancy services and partners with companies and the public sector to deliver services to traders. In the private sector the Institute offers cost effective advice and guidance to both its member companies and those who wish to have a more ad-hoc relationship. It also works, often with commercial partners, to help exporters directly tap its expertise, particularly in customs compliance.